Nic Tullis

Nic Tullis (31)

"Nic Tullis (iPhonetography) is an up and coming young photographer from Belleville who specializes in capturing and/or editing photos using his iPhone 4s. Nic is self-taught, but aspires to travel internationally taking more than simple scenery shots. His awareness of social issues and societal challenges is evident in the images he captures on film. He is inspired in part by his grandfather, Jim Quinn, who was an award-winning photojournalist from Rockford, Illinois.
Despite only being active in the St. Louis & Metro East art scene for less than a year, Nic has already had pieces on display at Soulard Art Market, the 33February exhibit organized by, and was included in the 2013 Young Artist Showcase at Sole Survivor Art Gallery in Belleville, Illinois.

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