Saturday, 03 May 2014 14:52

Meet me at the corner of Clayton, Skinker, Oakland and McCausland

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The Clayton-Skinker-Oakland-McCausland intersection, at the intersection of Clayton-Skinker-Oakland and McCausland, more widely known as the Amoco Sign intersection, will be revamped by the city of St. Louis, much to the dismay of all St. Louisans who detest change.   And that would be all St. Louisans.

“Next thing you know, they’ll be wantin’ us to call it Interstate 64 instead of Highway 40!” exclaimed a middle-aged man wearing a KSHE Pig Shirt.

But the change will be for the benefit of all according to Mayor Slay’s Chief of Staff, Jeff Rainford, who only speaks when the mayor knows it won’t be for the benefit of all. “When the 2 million dollar project is completed, people will be able to walk to the Hi Pointe Movie Theater easier” he explained. To do this, they will somehow add bike paths and crosswalks to the maze.

The Clayton-Skinker-Oakland-McCausland intersection, as anyone who has ever exited there from 40 or entered 40 from there knows, is actually the Clayton-Skinker-Oakland_McCausland-Interstate 64 intersection, but that would be nitpicking when there are more important things to do like figure out how two million dollars worth of bike paths and crosswalks will simplify a spider web of intersections.  It took NextStL TEN diagrams to attempt an explanation of how it will work.  And those guys are smart.

But I’m glad to see the city is finally getting around to fixing this maze.  I’m just surprised they didn’t propose to do it with another roundabout.