Tuesday, 14 August 2012 13:21

Still Not in the Dictionary

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Merriam-Webster added new words to their dictionary this week.  They do this once a year. Not so much because the dictionary really NEEDS new words; more because people don’t seem to use the ones already in there but, instead, make up their own.

For example, F-bomb.  We all know what it means, so no need to define it here.  Merriam added it because we keep using it.  Same for shovel-ready, game changer, bucket list and flexitarian.  Although, I’ve never heard anyone here in St. Louis use the word flexitarian.  A flexitarian is a mostly-vegetarian person who eats a bit of meat or fish.  We don’t have a lot of mostly-vegetarians here.

Not all popular words made the cut.  Here is our on-going list of St. Louis words that are still not in the dictionary, but we keep using them anyway....

muskaccioli  (Everyone else still says mostaccioli for some inexplicable reason.)

zink (where you place your dirty dishes if you live in South St. Louis)

brokwurst  (tastes like bratwurst)

aks   (Just aks anybody!)

Walmarts  (Everywhere else it’s Walmart; here it’s Walmarts.)

farty  (out-of-towners call it 64/40)

boosheet  (I hear this one often when I try to convince a St. Louis checkout lady that my credit card is still good; as in “Oh dat boosheet!”)