Wednesday, 15 August 2012 03:05

Reservations go on sale for Tickets that will go on sale for La Russa Book

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To meet the demand of St. Louis Cardinals fans to spend as much money as possible on anything Cardinals, a local bookstore announced today that they will sell reservations to buy tickets to purchase a lottery ticket for a drawing to guarantee a place in line to their bookstore to buy Tony La Russa’s new book, “One Last Strike.”  The book, originally titled “One Last Dollar,” but changed to be less obvious, goes on sale Sept 25.

 "Left Bank Books downtown is only selling tickets to buy the book a day early and meet Tony La Russa in person,” said a spokesperson for the bookstore that will ‘one-up’ Left Bank Books by selling reservations to buy tickets to purchase a lottery drawing for a place in line to buy the book.  “There is an insatiable demand by Cardinals fans to spend more money,” he added.  “Left Bank Books is not meeting that demand.  Okay, they’ll have a professional photographer on hand, and I’m guessing they’ll charge to have your photo taken with La Russa.  But what about the fans who insist on spending money foolishly? Whose meeting that demand?  We are.”

Cardinals fans who want to meet La Russa, score a book and get it autographed can do so for 32.42 at a Left Bank Books street party on Sept 24.  “Boring!” says our competitive spokesperson.  “We’ll let you wait till the book comes out the next day, pay for a reservation to buy a ticket to purchase a lottery drawing to stand in line to buy the book.  We will also charge a nuisance fee to any customer who comes into our store and does NOT purchase La Russa’s new book.

And for the less fanatical fanatics, you can purchase the 27.99 book on Amazon for 17.90.  But, of course, no one will do that because the book will be yesterday’s news by time it arrives in your mailbox a 3 to 5 days later.