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The Brentwood Shuffle

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Do you know about the Brentwood shuffle? Well, today I'm going to teach you how to do it! No, its not a dance, but it will save you plenty of time and money.

As you know, Saint Louisans are becoming more health conscious every day, with more people exercising and trying to go back to eating well, by choosing products with less chemicals and salt, for example. And I was surprised to see the explosion in customers turning to healthy alternative, good-tasting food.

I was also really surprised where this quest has taken them. No doubt the two biggest favorites in our area are Trader Joe's


and Whole Foods.

In fact, when I asked around I discovered that the majority of my own friends and co-workers already go to both of these two places! But with the recent and seemingly never-ending changes being made to highway 40, the great majority of people who live in Saint Louis are driving way out of their way and parking too many times to get there.

Then I learned a little known secret. It's been lovingly dubbed "The Brentwood Shuffle" and by using this little trick you can get to both of these stores in under five minutes instead of going around and around the highway, Brentwood Blvd and park your car a total of only two times!

Let’s pick a place to start since it works both ways. Let’s say you want to go to Trader Joe's,  whose popularity was evidenced just last week when they bought out the beauty salon next door and overnight expanded their store by about one third and now have over 100 employees working in the store anytime it's open! Much of the same can be said for Whole Foods, which has greatly expanded its business and its offerings too. Some trend! Now, back to The Shuffle... Here's how you do it: 

 You enter the Promenade Center where Trader Joe's is located: 



...and park close by. (Most of the parked cars will be at the far end of the lot near Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond.) When you return to you car with all your healthy organic goodies from Trader Joe's, you head back to the other end of the Promenade parking lot toward Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond. A little ways past those stores you may (or may not) see this sign that’s just to a back alley unnamed road. 


On this side the poor little road used to be nothing, then 2 weeks ago they put up a sign for it that says "Rose Avenue." Then they took down the Rose Avenue sign and replaced it on this end with the "Exit to Brentwood" sign. Turn onto this road, it will start out looking like this:


and it meanders for just a few blocks


ending at Brentwood Blvd.




Ironically the far end of the same road is still labeled Rose Ave, as you can see. Now comes the shuffle. So don't turn either way onto Brentwood Blvd. Instead "Shuffle" right across Brentwood Blvd. Just by skipping it and just going straight forward. Surprise!! You’re now almost right in front of Whole Foods! 


Again there's usually lots of space to park and with just one more park you can walk right into Whole Foods! Of course it works both ways, so you can just reverse it crossing Brentwood Blvd. and going straight onto what is labeled "Rose Ave" and it will end up letting you out at "exit to Brentwood." It’s a bit misleading, because it is definitely a two-way street. 

Go up to the top center of the lot and you're right back at Trader Joe's! Now you, too, can do "The Brentwood Shuffle" saving time, aggravation and gas.

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