Monday, 12 May 2014 17:00

The Places I Go & The Things I See: Weddings

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Spring is here, which means wedding season is here! This past weekend, my cousin got married. The ceremony and reception were held at St. Ferdinand Shrine in Old Town Florissant. I was surprised to see an STL 250 cake in the courtyard of the church, since I never think of Florissant as part of St. Louis! The church building was beautiful. The space was large, but had an intimate feel, with statues and carvings adorning the altar. After the ceremony, we had drinks and food in the Old Schoolhouse, where I took this photo. The decorations (AKA writings on the chalkboard) were so fitting and Pinterest-worthy. I took a tour of the shrine and found a wax figure of St. Valentine at the front of the church, which was not visible from the pews. He had in his hands bones from the real St. Valentine! There was also over 1,000 nun dolls above the Old Schoolhouse. This was quite a place for a wedding--full of charm, history, and love!